A Dream Come True Savory Ballroom

If you have never been to The Savory Ballroom you need to get ahold of Anna Walls

she has 2 businesses in this building. One of them being Dance with me

Social Dancing made easy her and her husband teach Line Dancing, Hip Hop, Latin, Swing

And Ballroom yes Ballroom so Son's if you want to surprise your mom with a Son and Mother dance at

your wedding Anna can help you. Want to learn the traditional wedding dance Dance with Me has you covered. Brides and Grooms want to learn how to do line dancing for your first dance for your wedding Anna and her husband can help you.

Not only does Anna and her husband have Dance with Me at the Savory Ballroom there is a Court Yard

where you can have your ceremony for your wedding and if you don't want it outside the inside of the Savory Ballroom is gorgeous.

If I had not eloped in Las Vegas in 2008 and I was planning a wedding I would most definitely go

talk to Anna and her husband about their venue.

Not only does Anna and her husband teach dance to couples, individuals in a private setting they have classes that the public can drop in on as well.

If you check out their Facebook page you can subscribe to an e-newsletter letting you know when those classes are and the prices.

Their website for Dance With Me is the following

want to get in touch with Anna at Savory Ballroom 417-865-2255 is her office number

She is super nice and I enjoyed getting to meet her today.

She and her husband even get involved with the Thriller theme on C- Street in the Fall.

Planning a wedding? Or just wanna learn to line dance I think Dance with Me & The Savory Ballroom is

a must check into venue at the very least.

As always you can follow me on social media

Have a safe blessed day much love all.


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