A dream Vacation Italy, Ireland, Spain

Where would you go if you could afford any place in the world to go to? I think I would like to go to Italy or Ireland or maybe Switzerland. I asked my granddaughter where she would like to go on a dream vacation she said Spain. Any of these places would be amazing, I mean the photographs that

could be taken there would be ones of such beauty. And the memories would be ones that could be cherished for generations to come. Thinking I need to put one of these places on my bucket list to visit.

I turned to google to see how much one of these dream Vacations would be,

For Italy, the cost is around $5500 per person so unless I get extremely lucky and win the lottery I don't think I will be getting to go on my dream vacation, included in this price is Tour highlights

  • Uncover Venice's hidden past by visiting secret chambers within the Doge's Palace.

  • Discover the secrets of Ancient Rome on a private tour of the Colosseum.

  • Marvel at Michelangelo's masterpiece on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with a private guide.

  • Experience Baroque art through Caravaggio's most famous works in the Borghese Gallery and Santa Maria del Popolo Church.

  • Travel Venice's Grand Canal in style by arriving at your hotel via a private boat.

Price includes

  • In-destination transfers

  • Activities and excursions as detailed

  • All accommodations

This information came from the following website,

So let us turn to google and see what the cost is for Ireland and Spain,

Well Ireland is more affordable at the moment, the cost per person for this one is $2500

The information for this dream trip comes from

Let us see if my granddaughters' dream vacation is more feasible, shall we?

well her dream vacation starts out at $2400.00 and goes up

The website that I retrieved the information for her vacation is

Looks as if I am going to have to find a dream vacation that is not overseas.. Or open up a vacation savings account and save until I am in my golden years.

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