A positive thought

Good afternoon all,

As I sit here this afternoon and think about things and wonder just how this whole thing will end or play out.

I find that it has given me time to rethink things. You know that old saying God puts people in your life for a season,a reason and a lesson.

As I reflect on things that have happened to me over the past month I found that he put people in my life for a lesson. To show me that I was capable of doing things that I was not sure that I could do and found out that I was good at doing them.

He also put them there for a Season because just like that most of the people that were in my life a month ago are no longer in my life. Their choice not mine. So must mean that he was teaching me something from knowing them for the short amount of time that I did. So I had met some people and learned a lesson from them in just a short season. Now don't get me wrong a few of those people I will truly miss.

And I am sure that one day I may run into them again.

I also have learned a lot by being stuck at home like the rest of the world by getting on line and doing something that I would of never dreamed of doing before.

By learning things I will be able to take my next adventure with joy and happiness that comes with knowing that I accomplished these things on my own without someone telling me no you can not do it that way.

So I ask this of you if you read my post or like my web page leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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