A shout out to a great Professor

April 22, 2020 So as most of you know from my beginnings of my blogs that I am in school for a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Management. Well I have had some really awesome Professors the entire time. But this one has went the extra mile and has helped me with writing my resume and is going to look over the cover letter after I get it written. To make sure it shows why I would be the best candidate for the position. Even if it's to show why I would be the best photographer to do someones wedding. At least this way I will have the confidence to do it and know that I gave it my best shot.

So now I want to Say a HUGE THANK YOU TO this Professor.

Dr. Cecily " CC" Anthony DM Associate Professor at Strayer University, You are AWESOME!!!

Also I want to say that today I learned not only things that I needed to learn about my college courses but I also learned how to use Light Room to do edits on my photography's to make them more vibrant and clear.


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