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May 21, 2020

Good evening all.............. How many of you that read my blogs have Sisters?

How many of you would do anything for your sister or sisters? I have 2 beautiful big sisters yes

I am the baby.. yes I got away with a lot more than they did... Since our parents have passed away

each of us has been there for one, or the other, or both at some point in the last few years. My oldest sister has recently BEAT Cancers BUTT...... We all encourage support for one another in some fashion.

For my middle sister and me we encourage our oldest sister to stay strong to have faith and believe that she will be around to tell us how it is for at least 15 more years. For me .... they show me that they support and back my decisions on what I want to do and accomplish and remind me that they are proud of me. For my oldest sister and myself we show our middle sister that we love her and are there for her like she is for us. How many of you that read my blogs try and dress alike when you are getting pictures done with your sisters? ( Tip: that is not a photographer's dream shoot.) because at times it's not easy trying to place you together and get the shot without it looking like you are running together. or at least its not my dream shoot.

I don't have a recent photo of my oldest sister, she told me I have to wait before I could do a photoshoot with her.

But recently I did one with my middle sister. The picture that is attached to this blog was taken at Jolly Mills in the Monett/ Pierce City area when I did her and her husband's 8th wedding anniversary shoot.

So this blog is a shout out to Allene Long ( my oldest sister) & Emma Vazquez( my middle sister). Thank you for all your love, encouragement, support & for believing in me. For making me believe that I will make my dreams come true. And for always reminding me that Momma and Poppa are always proud of their daughters.

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