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I am a member on a couple of photography support pages.

And I have read a lot of posts about the following things.

Photographers not wanting to do wedding sessions or engagement sessions.

Because the couples are of the same sex.

Or they have issues because of something.

I want everyone to know a couple of things about me

1) I do not care if you are a part of the LGTBQ community, I have met some amazing women and men in pervious jobs and to be honest, some of them were nicer to me than others.

2) I could care less what color your skin is. We all bleed red and we all were put here but the good lord above.

3) All I ask for is a chance to prove to you that I can give you amazing customer service/ and photographs for the prices that I have listed on my website.

Feel free to message me, follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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