A Wedding in November should it be inside or outside?

Good Afternoon all, so if you have are planning a wedding in November should you do it

outside or inside living in Missouri that is a good question since we have bipolar weather and one

minute it can be nice and warm and the next it is cold and yucky.

Trying to decide on venues and whether to have the wedding indoors or outdoors is one decision

that is hard to do when you have crazy weather like Missouri.

They have a couple of venues that they are looking at so far, one is a small church

which is quite nice but small and no place for a reception, looking at possibly the

Table Rock State Park overlooking the water but since it is in November not sure just yet.

They truly wanted it to be in a barn but unfortunately, that is kind of outta the question with the pricing

on venues that are barn venues.

Looking at venues, looking at parks, barns, etc .. making that decision so that you can get your save-the-date cards and wedding invitations made to mail-out in a timely manner is the key to all of it.

The Lovell/Gallaher Wedding is in 37 weeks, so Hayley and William have 25weeks to get everything done that needs to be done so that these loves can be made and people can RSVP back to them.

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