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Good Morning all, I was unable to post all the great places that I went to yesterday

in the other 3 blogs and wanted to make sure that I gave a shout out to all the places

that gave exceptional customer service yesterday with all of the craziness that is going on still.

First, of with the great finds and awesome customer service for nice clothes for young adults females and males Uptown Cheapskates Kenzie is awesome she answered questions and they do buy clothes so

if you are cleaning out your clothes and want to sell them take them over and see what you can get. Never know right. Then I was browsing at Cherokee FireArms and Jason was amazing at answering questions. He was very informative and friendly and answered all of my questions so if you have questions on self-defense go in and asked for Jason he can answer them for you. Now as for the portion of the advertisement of the blog I stopped in at Frogs Signs and I have to say Doug is an amazing person to help you figure out the type of signs you need when it comes to your car signs for your business or yard signs.

And his prices are reasonable as well. So if you are in Springfield and are just wanting to browse around and look at some places for maybe an outfit for that teenager or yourself UpTown Cheapskates is an awesome place, or wanna browse and look at firearms or go to a shooting range Cherokee FireArms is a great place to go they have a range and you can rent their guns to learn to shoot, and they have classes to assist you to learn to use firearms. OR if you are needing Advertisements head over to Frogs and say hey I need your assistants I hear you are great .. because they are.

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