April 15,2020

Who else in this world is full of anxiety and fear but are afraid to let someone know ? Today I sit here and my anxiety is out of this world. I am scared , I am worried about income, my family , how we will manage to pay our bills. You see I made a decision not to long ago to leave my job and to try and get a better one after I got over being ill.

And I am better. Thank Jesus, but now I am sitting here filling out applications, applied for unemployment and yes I let them know that I quit my job due to illness. And I am stressing over did I do the right thing? I humble myself and I pray Jesus I am giving my worries over to you. I am asking you for guidance and forgiveness in any rash decisions I made. I am asking you today to give me strength to believe that your plans you have for me are better for me than what I was doing. I am asking you today as I humble myself to say that I am scared. I am giving my whole life to you help me in healing my anxiety my fears my worries .

Lord Jesus I pray to you today that in your plan for me I may be able to do what it is that you are asking me to do. That I may continue to speak about in my blogs, to show people that it is okay to speak your name and not be in fear of rejection. I pray to you today that you will lift me up in your loving arms and let me know that all my fears and anxiety is for not that you are taking care of them.

In this I pray In Jesus name Amen


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