Becoming a Professional Photographer how to deal Criticism & Build Character

May 24, 2020, Good Evening everyone I hope that everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather that Missouri has had the last few days. I have enjoyed it, spent Saturday with my family celebrating a birthday.

And today I spent with my husband enjoying each other's company.

Now on with the reason for the title of the blog.

As most of you have figured out I am new to the whole professional part of doing photography. It has been a huge passion of mine for years, So yes I am still learning things. For instance, I am learning that I am the one that says look this away the sun is putting a glare on your glasses, or there is to much shade here let's move just a tab bit to the left.

I look at it like this your never to old to learn something. And yes people are going to be rude and say things to upset you and make you feel inadequate, But only you can change that outlook, I have a saying your life's choices affect everyone.

But they affect you the most if you give up because someone told you that your pictures didn't scream professional at him or her then you are letting them defeat your dream. You are letting them make your life choices for you. For me, this is how I deal with criticism and how it helps me build my character.

I will do I research, I will watch videos, I will go buy tons of books, I will ask a million questions. I will learn from mistakes, what I won't do is let that person get inside my head, my mind, and make me believe that I am not good enough. You see in my mind Criticism builds character, builds up the inner you. I refuse to let people bully me by criticizing me and make me feel like I am not good enough. I won't charge a huge price, I love doing pictures, I love capturing that goofy smile, the aww haaa moment of young couples in love.

The picture of I know what you are thinking goofy smile on a wife's face when she is turning and looking at the husband because she was asked to.

Yes, I am new, yes I am a professional photographer, Yes I do portraits of families, newborns, engagements, weddings, senior pictures and yes I am affordable, No I will not charge you an outlandish price for any of this types of portraits. And no I am not trying to discredit, upset, or make a macaron of photography because I am still learning.

I will give you a 110% of myself and my time to make sure I get the best portraits for you.

IF you would like to speak to me feel free to drop me a line at

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or you can leave a comment on here.

Much love and God Bless all of you.


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