Children, Rottweilers and Nature

As I sit here today trying to get over this crud I have. I have been thinking about all the things I have to be Thankful for I thought I will let the people most important to me know .. First off I have an Amazing daughter who fought and won her battle with addiction. In the process of her battle she lost a lot. She lost custody of 4 of her children, respect of some of her family but in the end she proved and is proving that you can over come addiction with the help of Jesus Christ and determination. So because of her determination I have 9 beautiful grandchildren. My daughter Amanda gave me Hayley , Stephanie, Brooklyn, Skyler, Kyle Jr, Dallas, AhLyiah , Elijah and Sirena . Most of you that might read this may say that once an addict always one and yes she would agree to that to a point. Her point would be if I stay determined to stay clean and provide the love I have for my children that one day they will all be reunited and boy let me tell you that day I will be taking pictures like you would not believe. Now not only do I have this amazing daughter and by the way a great son in law because he is doing his level headed best to deal with my amazing daughter but he also has to deal with the craziness that she inherited from her mom . I have 5 beautiful Rottweilers and a black cat that spend most of their day stuck beside me. Especially since I haven't been feeling all that well. Now some might say your heading says Children, Rottweilers and Nature. Well I have Spring River running behind my house so today I got to go outside with my beautiful Rotties and walk a bit with out losing my breath. If you go to my albums you will see the Nature at its best , The Life of a Rottweiler and then the pictures of some of my beauty grandchildren.

Now I know that my daughter and possibly one of my granddaughters will be reading this. So Here is a Shout out to them

Amanda Dawn I love you and you make me proud of you every day for being determined to stay clean and provide the best you can for your children you have in your care now. And I know that one day you will get to see the others.

And My Beautiful Hayley Dawn.. You young lady are one of the most headstrong teenagers I know. But I love you till forever..

With that I am going to close this blog will write about something more tomorrow.


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