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Since I am just starting out here and I know what I would want for my wedding I thought it

would be nice to get information from potential clients to see what they might like,

For instance, caters, do you want someone to cook at your reception or someone who is going to come in

and set it up? Open bar? No bar? Music Dj or no Dj? Flowers where would you like to have them from? What types of flowers? Venues indoors or outdoors? Again I know what I would want, I would love to know what you would want to have at your wedding, The HistoricFirehouse#2 in Springfield Mo is amazing. It is 2 stories and the 2 nd floor has amazing natural lighting in it. If you have never looked it up please do so it is awesome.

Then there is a small outdoor area there that would be an amazing place to get pictures for engagement photos. There is some restaurants on Commerical Street in Springfield that I am going to speak with and see about partnering with as well I will keep you posted on that and see if there is possibly a discount somewhere that we could work out for Couples getting married.

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