Day 1 of the personal and professional goals

July 20, 2020 today I got up and I did what I set out to do.

I have gone on 2 walks, spoke with a few people about doing some photography sessions.

Today is just the beginning of the goals that I set I will follow through with them.

I have the determination, the willpower, and a stubborn streak that will not let me give up.

I have my parents in me that remind me daily that I am strong, smart, intelligent, and beautiful.

Today I was only able to walk 2.16 miles, burned 1,524 calories.

Tomorrow I am going to push myself to walk 3 miles each day I know that I will be able to go further.

Each day I know I will have my parents, and Jesus with me.

I know one day I will say this is what I was praying for, this is what I was working so hard for.

Here is to becoming a stronger, healthier, businesswoman who gives her clients the best customer service.

Have a blessed day.

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