Day Before Easter

Today is Saturday April 11,2020 mid-morning. I have just finished up my course work for the week.

And as I was sitting here I realized that tomorrow is Easter and families would be coming together if this virus was not still growing so rapidly.

My Blog today won't be long or mushy..

It will be blunt and be giving thanks to Jesus.

First off I know everyone wants to see their families but .. stay home face-time, duo, any type of video chat I know its not the same but at least for 5-10 minutes you will be seeing that family member.

With that said,

Lord Jesus I want to take today and tell you thank you for all that you do I know that you are fighting Satan on getting rid of this Covid_19 Virus and that it may take you a bit to do but I know that you can and will beat him. I sit hear listening to the thunder outside and know that you are getting ready to wash away more of this sickness that is going around. I know that you are going to win this battle and that families will become closer when they are able to see one another again.

I pray to you that no more people come down with this virus. In Jesus Name I pray this Amen.


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