April 16, 2020

Life throws you so many curve balls and has so many road blocks sometimes you have to have faith and follow your heart and mind. Every day I talk to Jesus everyday I ask him which is the right way for me to go? Every day he has led me back here to write on this website. To write post to let people now about me personally.

For me to be able to show that its more than a hobby its helping people capture those memories that they want. The laughter on their spouse face, the smile of their children , the love that the are sharing on their wedding day.

I had a dream I was determined to make the dream a reality. Jesus gave me the strength , my husband gave me the courage my family gave me the will.

Many of you don't know me from Adam some of you do.. with my determination, the strength and belief of Jesus and the courage and will of my family this business will grow and more people will have those memories captured and I will have the memories of being the one that did them.

I look forward to writing again of sharing new pictures.


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