Dreams do come true.........................

With hard work and determination, dreams can come true. I started this business

in April of this year, At the beginning of this Pandemic.

I have struggled, felt like a failure, and wondered if I could truly be a Professional Photographer.

But with lots of support, love, determination, giving free sessions away so that I could build my portfolio

I have been able to book weddings, engagement sessions, boudoir sessions, and a couple of family sessions.

Slow start, but all good things come with slow starts, true love, best friends, finding your soul mate,

Finding a job that makes you happy, getting a college degree. All these things take time.

If it comes easily then its probably not going to work out the way you think it should. Because you have to

put in the work for things to work out correctly and you have to have the faith that it is going to be amazing when it happens.

I still have a long way to go, I am going to finish the course in The School of Photography, I am going to follow the course of how to book clients with Heather Chesky.

I will learn better posing, lighting with time, and practice.

But DREAMS do come true.. I am living proof of that.

So keep on dreaming because yours can come true too.

Much love, and blessings being sent to you.

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