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With the weather getting cooler I thought it would be nice to do some blogs on

Fall Colors, Bonfires, Spending time with family.

So I have talked to some people and I asked what is your favorite time of the year.

You guessed it they said Fall, I asked why is fall your favorite time.

Their responses, fall colors of the leaves, bonfires, hoodies, baking with their moms, and grandmas.

Knowing that Halloween is coming up and they get to decorate for the Holiday and then dress up their littles.

Me my favorite time is summer, But Fall is my second favorite because they are right,

bonfires roasting marshmallows over an open fire, watching the water rush against the shore at the lake all the while wearing a hoodie and drinking a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Now that sounds amazing.

OR better yet sitting in front of the bonfire and watching the sunset roasting marshmallows and spending time with grandchildren that sounds pretty amazing too.

Finding time to spend with someone whether it is because you want it to be that someone special or because you want to spend time with family, children, grandchildren, or just friends that is something we should all make time for.

And what better time to do that than Fall with the colors changing on the trees, the sunset coming earlier, getting the memories of those summer tans that everyone got while they were doing summertime activities.

With fall comes shorter days, cheaper campsites.

At Table Rock State park they are open year-round. They have platform tents, they have basic campsites, and some electric campsites open during the late fall-winter months.

Staying at a Cabin on the lake so you could have a bonfire and watch the sunset would be pretty amazing too.

Or having a bonfire and company in your own back yard would be amazing if you had a way to have one.

Here are some photos of The sunset at The State Park in Branson, Spring River in Verona, Mo. and the bonfire that I am able to have in my back yard.

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