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May 29 2020

Good Evening all, as I sit here tonight thinking about what I want to write about. I have memories of

my parents, the family get together's, the generation gaps that some family's have with their children , And

I wonder if people truly want to capture memories or just have social media remind them of something that happened a year ago , Three years ago and so on. I have so many wonderful memories of my parents, some are in the picture form. some are on the social media platform, some are memories only I have because they are in my mind. But I think my favorite memory is a couple of pictures I have by my bed that I look at every night and every morning when I get up. Its a Family Picture of myself, my 2 sisters and our parents while we where at an establishment that we went to on the weekends, and then there is one of my parents on their 50th wedding . Those are memories I can look at and share with my grandchildren. And that is what my business is about.

Capturing those memories that you will want to share with the next generation in your family or maybe your great grandchildren, great nieces or nephews.

I realize that now days everything is on a flash drive or a disk, not many people have photos in photo albums.

But I know that these pictures I wont lose if for some reason the internet goes out, cell phone gets fried from landing in the toilet because you forgot it was in your back pocket( my granddaughter and daughter has done this I do not know how many times. ) CapturingMemories2020 LLC captures those moments

and can either print them off at Bedfords' Camera in Springfield, put them on a CD or a flash drive. for you to be able to share and cherish with all the people you love.

If you would like to get to know me , send me an email, we can discuss all kinds of things.

From photography, to favorite color and favorite place to eat at to if you like pets and what kind you have .

By the way I have 5 full blooded Rottweilers and a black cat, and wasp that come in fly around and then fly back out.

My email is

Facebook is

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and then youtube click on that link it will take you to the videos I have posted on it.

Have much love , laughter and make many memories tonight


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