May 10, 2020

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of the moms out there. I hope your day is awesome and blessed .

I got to spend yesterday with my beautiful daughter , son in law and 6 of my grandchildren. Trying to take

pictures of littles that want nothing more than to play and eat cake with pink icing is hard to do but I got one of all of them that I found it funny to say the least, the smile on ones face ,the winking of the eye on another one, and the hurry up this is killing me on the teenagers faces made for the parents to be happy because they got a family picture. Even if it isn't exactly what the mom was wanting. She ( my daughter ) was trying to make everyone match, she has OCD and let me tell you.. at times she can drive me crazy but she is my #1PumkinHead and I love her to the moon and back so as soon as her 2 oldest daughters come back from spending time with people this Momma is going to get a couple of great family portraits for her.

Again Happy Mother's Day May 2020

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