Fear and Rejection

April 20,2020

Good morning, so yesterday I wrote about Determination, having a Willingness and the right Attitude. But today I want to flip it and talk about inner demons and what they can do even if you have the other 3.

How many who read my blogs have the fear of being rejected even if you are great at something.?Or have the fear that you won't be good enough at something or for someone? Those demons are in most people, but my question is how do you deal with it? Do you say I have faith in Jesus and he will not lead me in the wrong direction? Or do you just let those demons keep you from following your dreams even if you have a determination to try because you are afraid that you will be rejected it won't come true? Or do you live in fear that if you try and follow your dreams that something bad will happen and people will blame you? Tell you that you aren't and will never be good enough to do whatever your dream is.

For me when I start having my fear of rejection, my fear that I am not good enough and never will be. I dig down deep inside of me and I remember why I wanted to do my dream. Not because it could be a source of income for me that is just a plus. So again you are wondering what does she mean she isn't making any sense. So let me back up just a tad bit. Growing up I had like a lot of people multiple dreams. I wanted to be a Nurse like my Great Aunt Gladys, she was awesome she worked in the Newborn Unit at a one of the Hospitals in Springfield, I wanted the perfect marriage with the little white house and the picket fence with a dog. I wanted to be able to catch those memories and keep them close because I wanted to be able to show my kids what it was like to dream and succeed. I wanted to help people. But not all my dreams have come true. some have I have an Associate Degree in Applied Science so I can work in the Medical Field and help people. But I am not helping them catch those memories in that field I am helping them just not the way I want. I didn't get the perfect marriage with the little white house and the picket fence but I did get a dog, 5 actually and I love them until forever. I didn't get to give my children the satisfaction of seeing their mom succeed while they where young, But I am giving them the chance to see that she never ever is going to give up on her dreams, For I dig deep inside of me and I hear you are good enough, you will succeed, I am here for you to lead you in the right direction. You see when I have my fears and the fear of rejection I turn to Jesus and pray help me what am I doing wrong. And he will send me signs in the way of my oldest sister saying we'll find you the right props, or the whisper of my parents saying you got this we are proud of you.

So my children as in my dream will have the memory of their mom following her dream and succeeding at it.


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