Feeling Accomplished

April 22, 2020 Today I am feeling accomplished for a few reasons. One I got a hold of someone on obtaining insurance for Photography's by Patrica, second I now have it set up to where clients can book online, I have an email that people can email me at that is connected to the website. I have contacted some venues and I am waiting on return emails from them for pricing. I am learning new things daily about photography and PhotoShop and I am getting ready to learn Light Room. I will soon have a portfolio with portraits that I have done to show clients when I am out. The support that I have gotten from Facebook is amazing, I have met some very nice people that do photography as well and they have given me insight on things such as pricing, using Light Room vs PhotoShop. As one of the Photographer's that I spoke with stated the photography community is important and we all have our own styles so we should just worry about us doing us. I am also feeling accomplished in the fact that I have an Awesome Professor who is helping me build my resume. She has given me so many helpful insights on how to word things and what skills to put down it is amazing to have someone who only knows you through your course work be so helpful. Makes me happy to see that there are people who do care and want to help someone.

With that I am going to close for now.

I do hope that each and everyone is healthy and safe.


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