April 21, 2020 tonight I am missing my grandchildren quite a bit. I went though some old pictures and was reminded of some fun times that we had . I even found some of my oldest granddaughter. Which I am going to surprise her and post a picture of her that I took when she was like 5 or so. She is now 18 she amazes me at times. As soon as this stay at home order is done I think that I will get 6 of my 9 grandchildren and do a photo shoot with them . I will probably have to buy them lunch for doing it though. :)

As I have written about in past blogs my grandchildren are as they are to most grandparents the apple of their eyes.

So tonight even though I can not see them and they can not see me I want them to remember that I am always there all they have to do is listen to the wind its whispering Nana loves you always.

I hope everyone is staying warm , healthy and safe through all this craziness.

Much love and appreciation to all of you who enjoys reading my post.


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