Grief after a major loss and how to help with the grieving process

Thanksgiving has come and gone, this year's Thanksgiving was fair there were some minor hiccups but nothing I had not dealt with before. You know the kind where they come in eat, take a few pictures, and then leave. I know how rude right especially after cooking for 2 days. But hey life is hectic and

we have more than one family that we have to share Holidays with some so we work it to where we see

both sides of the family.

This year after Thanksgiving my oldest granddaughter got some wonderful news, " YOUR PREGNANT" she was so excited, we got her her first OB/GYN appointment, we got her some books to help her understand the changes her body was getting ready to go through, ( this is the reason I have been MIA for the last few weeks), unfortunately, yesterday at her OB appointment we found out that instead of her HCG levels rising like they are supposed to they had dropped and that she was miscarrying, total heartache for her and her boyfriend.

Me being a Grandma wanted so much to take her and his pain away. But that is something I can not do.

So I helped kinda by taking pictures of her baby bump and her stepmom Lisa helped by suggesting she name her child, and her mom helped just by being there for her to cry and vent to. And her boyfriend's family helped him to deal with it since they were unable to spend this time together.

I turned to my trusted friend Google to see what or how to help her with the process of grieving,

because it's not something that has happened to me personally, My daughter had one, and 2 of my great-nieces have had one. This website has helped me know what I need to do for my beautiful granddaughter and her boyfriend to help them through this trying time.

Even though she didn't know the exact sex of this baby she has named him Charlie Finley Manning

I think it is a perfectly fitting name for a strong baby that is going to be proud of his momma and daddy.

please say this prayer silently for my granddaughter Hayley, her boyfriend Evan, and their baby Charlie

Heavenly Father above, please keep Charlie Finley wrapped safely in your loving arms, watch over his Momma and Daddy in this troubled time of loss, help them heal, and help them know that you have him safely with you helping you watch over them and guide them. Let them know that they are not alone that many are here for them and love them that we can speak of Charlie Finley whenever they feel the need to speak about him. And we will cherish the memories of this tiny person with them.

In The Lord Jesus Name, this is my prayer.


Thank you all God Bless and much love,

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