April 17, 2020

Today I decided to get some guidance on how to do better photography's. Learn about shutter speeds, Aperture, ISO speeds.

You tube is a good place to go plus reading books owners manuals and so forth. You are probably asking if she has a website and does photography why is she seeking guidance. Well because I want to become better at this.

I want my photography's of your family , pets, your wedding to be perfect. As I have stated in most of my blogs I seek guidance from Jesus he is the one guiding me to do better, be better.

Anyone can be okay at taking portraits. I want to be great at them and to be great you have to admit you still have lots to learn , you have to be humble and say you know this one is okay but I wonder if I do this would it be better?

So today with what I learned from the you tube video's and re-reading my books. I am going to go take some new photography's.

So watch for new or replaced albums in the client area.

I pray you all are happy safe and health.

I know that Jesus is watching over all of us and making the world right again.


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