Happy Easter 2020

Well today is Easter Sunday. And like many of you I am wishing that I could be watching my grandchildren play and hunt Easter Eggs and show me what the Easter Bunny left for them.

Not that is all what Easter is about its just a plus.

I know that soon all the pain and anxiety of this pandemic will go away and things or some things will return to some what normal families will be spending time together some will be saying their good byes to the ones that have passed on from this pandemic. Some might even be welcoming some new babies that were born during it for the first time.

Lets all remember that yes today is Easter and we missed seeing our families and having the big Holiday Dinner. But today Jesus rose .. he is saying that all is going to be okay not to worry he has this. Just have faith in him.

Believe that he will make things right if you believe in him ..

I believe in Jesus I believe that he is going to end this virus with all his might and yes things will have changed but for the better I believe that with all my heart.

With that I will say to alll

Happy Easter may all your blessing be wonderful and joyous.


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