Have Added Zoom and Online Booking to CapturingMemories2020

Good Morning everyone,

Happy August lets pray that this month is filled with peace and health and

less stress than the last 5 months.

I wanted to let everyone know that you are now able to schedule zoom calls.

For face to face meetings when social distancing is not available.

If you are like me, I like seeing whom I am speaking with, Especially when

it comes to something as important as CapturingMemories of an important event.

Or discussing having portraits done, you need to know the person doing the portraits to make

sure you are going to feel relaxed around them.

I'm an easy-going person who loves to make people smile and giggle so there should

not be a problem there. :)

Also, you can book sessions online as well. And I have set up an online gallery where you can

purchase your photos instead of receiving them on a flash drive.

Questions ??? feel free to send me an email me at

or you can message me at

As always please have a safe and blessed day.


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