Helping Loved ones during the Holiday Season

The Holiday season can be a rough one for loved ones for many different reasons.

Maybe, someone, they loved passed away, maybe they are not able to see someone that is

special to them on the Holidays and it makes them depressed.

As in some of my past blogs, I have let you all know that my parents passed away during the Holiday

Season at different times and years. But it is still hard to get in the spirit of the season.

But, I think I have finally figured out away to get back into it.

My granddaughter has decided to stay with me for a while and I am actually looking forward to

doing Thanksgiving, and decorating the house for Christmas.

Baking cookies, making fudge as I use too. Watching Christmas shows, and making new memories and

possibly making new traditions with her and her boyfriend and his little boy...

She is having a hard time because unfortunately, she is not able to see her sister that has been adopted until she is 18, which is still a year and 2 months away. or her other siblings that have been adopted.

For by her staying here I can talk about my memories of her Mimi and her Grampie.

I can share how I remember the holidays with them and her when she was a baby.

And even share some of the memories I have of her sisters and brother she is having to wait to see.

Making new memories with her and letting her put them in her journal will help her and give her something to share with them when she gets to see them. And will help me get my spirit back by reminding myself that even though my parents are gone, I have so many wonderful memories I can share with my little family.

I think I am even going to have my 4 youngest grandchildren come out and help make a popcorn/cranberry garland for the Christmas Tree.

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