How to keep the romance alive after the wedding

Sticking with the Romance theme for my blogs this week I thought I would share

some websites that I have visited and read what they suggest on keeping it alive and

well for couples who have been married for more than a year.

I personally have been married to my husband since 2008 and finding ways

to make things romantic is at times a chore since he works overnights and sleeps

during the day.

This website has some interesting ideas, I'll let you know which ones worked for me in the next month or so since I will have to find the perfect time to try some of the suggestions.

I actually have done one of the things this next website suggested and yes it surprised my husband and made us a little closer, for now, anyway.

Keeping the romance alive has to be a 2-way street it can not be just one person trying to make the relationship work. Both parties have to try and both parties have to want their relationship to withstand all the storms that marriages go through.

With that being said my parents rest their souls told me and my sisters that a good marriage you have to have the following things.







So if you have love, the rest should come easily to you. Romance to some could be a picnic at the park, a drive to the lake to see the sunrise, or set

An inside picnic on the floor in the living room watching your favorite tv series.

Picking a flower from the yard, writing love notes on toilet paper for her or him to find.

Romance does not have to be expensive just something thoughtful that you thought of to show that

special someone that they still have that effect on you that they had when they first met you.

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