Humble, Thankful, and ready to try again

Good afternoon all,

Well, it has been a year since I opened CapturingMemories2020,

I have had lots of ups and downs. I have had lots of excitement meeting

new people, talking to people about their businesses, their dreams, and desires of what makes their companies successful.

Now granted I am still fairly new at this owning a business and making it profitable, I am still

learning what I need to do and how to go about doing it.

But I will never give up on becoming a successful photographer, nor will I give up on

capturing the most beautiful memories I can for people.

I have had a health scare this last year with not only myself but with my spouse, my son.

I have had people move in with me and move out just as quickly.

I am happy and thankful to say that I do not have breast cancer,

yes, the doctor did let me know that I have to lose weight,

and yes I know I made a blog about a weight loss journey

that I let go off track but hey I am human and we all make mistakes.

So getting back on track with things starts now, I have ideas, the determination to actually follow through on things.

And I also know when to say hey I need help with something,

So this is where I will end the being off track, I will get back on track I will find the help and inspiration that is needed to become successful in all that I do, not only with my photography business but my personal life as well.

I recently got to go and relax and do some soul searching at a beautiful creek not too long ago.

the following picture is one I took there,

it was peaceful and quiet enough for me to realize I had been putting things off way too long.

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