In Dark times

Today is April 9, 2020 and the virus that has everyone quarantined is still highly active in most of the US and around the World.

A lot of people do not realize that yes you need to stay home!! yes you need to stay safe!!!. No you do not need to go to a convenient store for that soda/pop or a candy bar.!!! I had a good friends sister in law pass way today. She had asked for prayers for her sister because she had this stupid virus. She lost someone special to her and her family because of this stupid virus. Yes I know there are lots of families that have lost someone special to them from this virus. I pray that I don't. Sunday is Easter unfortunately this year I won't get those special pictures of my grandchildren. A lot of people won't be getting those special pictures because of the stay at home orders and this stupid virus. Why is it people can't do things that are asked of them to help stop this deadly virus is that soda candy bar more important than someone's grandma, mom, sister , grandpa , dad, someones child?

No I don't have any bright bubbly blog today, today I am sad because someone I know lost someone that they love to a virus that there is not a cure for. Today is one of those days where there are Dark times.

Lord Jesus I pray to you today that you will find it in your loving heart to heal the people that have this virus and that it ends, I pray that when we are able to get out and be around each other again that we realize that without you, faith and love and kindness in our lives that things would go wrong. I pray that I may remember the feelings you gave me when I asked for your guidance and that I felt like a heavy weight had been lifted off of me. I know that you are still working on me and my troubles but I also know that you have a plan for me. And in the end it will be the best year so far.


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