Just a thought

With the holidays over and the New Year only being 3 days way,

I sit here and wonder what the New Year will bring.......

Will it bring happiness? Will it bring sadness and unhappiness?

Yes, I know that we alone are in charge of our happiness and sadness.

But the question is what makes you truly happy?

How does your future look to you? Are you happily married with children?

Are you doing the career you truly want? Are you traveling to all the places you

really want to go?

Or are there changes that need to be made so that the future you want is one you can have?

As I sit here and think about these past few years, I can honestly say there are a few things that need to be changed.

For starters, I have to decide what truly makes me happy, 1 thing that makes me happy is

I love being a photographer and I love being in business for myself, for I get to meet many different people from many walks of life.

Even though it is hard at times it is one of the best decisions I have ever made,

But there are changes I have to make as well, for instants I have to quit trying to make everyone I love happy, 1 person can not make everyone happy all at the same time. So the one thing I have to work on is I should be making myself happy, and I realize if I can't do that then no one else will be happy either. For you can not make people happy if you are unhappy .....

If you do not have self-respect, love, and understanding of yourself then how do you expect others to respect you, love you, and understand you?

I think that making a journal, or writing in a diary something positive on a daily basis would be helpful in seeing what makes you happy.

Or writing something down on a piece of paper and putting it in a jar once a week and then reading it at the end of the year on New Year's Eve to see what brought you happiness thought out the new year.

A new year is almost upon us, I pray that each and every one of you has a blessed, happy, stable new year.

Full of love, happiness, and understanding of yourself and of others.

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