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June 15, 2020

Hi all. I know its been like a week since I have written any blogs. But this past week was eventful And made me realize that I need to pay it forward for the people who are helping me with my passion. In the past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of doing photo sessions that were booked, and then somewhere I was at the right place at the right time. And so this is where I paid it forward. I took some photos of a couple of Seniors that were dressed for their prom since they didn't get to actually have their prom they were just out doing photos with their phones. So I took some photos of them edited them and sent them to them via email.

Then over the weekend, I was in the right place with my husband celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary and was able to capture a memory for a family on a hike in Branson Mo. at the waterfalls hiking trail. I captured those and emailed those to them.

It is nice to be able to do something nice for people, To see their smiles when you talk to them and say hey I do this for a living send me your email and I will take a couple of shots and email them to you. It shows that there is still kindness in the world and that not everyone is like they think.

I am a compassionate person who thinks capturing the memories of a special day, event, a moment is important because at some point that might be all you have left.

So check out and see the memories we have already captured for some wonderful people.

Have a blessed day and much love to everyone.


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