Learning to cope

With new starts, reconstruction on how you think about things there is a

learning curve. There is this emptiness that you have to learn how to deal with things and how to deal with the hurt and anger that you have to let go of.

How am I starting to cope? By letting people know that what they say to people should mean what it is that they are saying. Not the oh I think this and then say no I didn't mean it that way I meant it this way.

By doing that makes people wonder if you are being truthful or devious.

Say what you mean when you mean it not what you think people want to hear.

Be respectful but be truthful as well.

So again how am I learning to cope with my pain and hurt and anger?

By being truthful, by being respectful, by showing I say what I mean when I say it.

By not apologizing for being 100% totally honest about how I feel and think.

How much pain can a human heart take before it finally says, I have had enough I am tired and I want to

go home.

Losing people you love takes time to get over. But then letting people that you love and want to have a relationship with get close and then them decide to leave because of stupid things makes all the hurt magnify,

So how do you deal with the hurt that you are feeling all over again from losing the loved ones you lost and then losing the ones that left because of stupid things?

Im learning that if I keep that wall up even if it is just partly built my heart won't be in as much pain as it would be if I truly believed everything that was said to me.

keep reading because over the next few weeks you are going to see a different person emerge from the hurt and pain that I am feeling these last few weeks.

I will even start posting pictures that I will be taking instead of posters with amazing saying on them.

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