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July 14, 2020

Good Morning all, as I sit here drinking my coffee and reflecting on things,

I wonder if I had made different life choices if I would be dealing with the decisions,

family issues that are going on, and wondering what my future holds.

I know some of my life's choices were for the better. Like deciding to do my

photography that was a life choice I made recently that I feel is for the better.

But I am also sure that there are some life choices I have made that has made me go was that for the better or was that because I just didn't want to deal with whatever the issue was at the time. I know in a lot of my blog I ask what do you think, the problem is no one actually

answers those questions, And that has me wondering why? Am I so unlikeable that people just don't want to talk to me or answer the questions?

Everyone makes life choices that they have to live with, yes they affect others in your life and unfortunately, sometimes that is not always a good thing. If you could, would you change any of the life choices you have made that affected someone in a way you didn't think it would?

Are you and your family close or is it like mine and since the glue that held the family together is no longer here, has your family fallen apart and wants nothing to do with each other? Last question statement promise or at least on this blog, what does your future hold?

Mine? Mine holds Love, Happiness, Joy, Peace. I am going to close with a quote from an author from lifelearnedfeelings Terrence Taylor

12 things to always remember

1) The past cannot be changed

2) Opinions don’t define your reality

3) Everyone’s journey is different

4) Things always get better with time

5) Judgments are a confession of character

6) Overthinking will lead to sadness

7) Happiness is found within

8) Positive thoughts create positive things

9) Smiles are contagious

10) Kindness is free

11) You only fail in you quit

12) What goes around, comes around

All of this is true. all you have to do is believe it

I hope everyone has a blessed day .. much love and happiness from CatpuringMemories2020 Photography

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