Little Surprises turn into Romance at a glance Relationships take 2 to work. Spring River Missouri

Planning a date night whether it is you doing the planning or your partner doing

the planning can turn little surprises into ROMANCE with the blink of an eye.

I am planning a date night with my husband.

I decided a nice dinner, a movie, and maybe I would give his game ( Minecraft a shot in the dark)

I am not a bigger gamer. But if I want him to pay attention to me and do things with me then I really need to at least try and understand why he likes it so much.

I do know that if things go as I plan that there will be a little romance thrown in the mix, with laughter, giggles, a candlelit dinner, and blanket on the floor to watch the movie that has already been picked.

The menu has been figured out, the movie has been picked, the other people that live in the home have found other places to go to tomorrow evening.

As I said before romance can be a blanket on the floor watching a movie or tv series.

eating finger foods and ding dongs for dessert.

But that is not my menu, I have something special planned and if all goes as planned he will remember

that I make his knees go weak for a reason. That he fell in love with me for a reason.

Relationships take 2 to make them work.

Sometimes planning something without the other knowing you are planning may help rekindle the romance.

I found a great website to use to cook NY Strip Steaks,

In case you are interested in cooking

And this site has an amazing recipe for peach caramel pie

I will make sure that I take pictures tomorrow evening after everything is cooked so I can do a follow-up

blog on the dinner.

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