Live, Love, Laugh, Make Memories where you can

Good Morning to whoever is reading this blog today, I have come to realize

that I can wish and want my Photography business to take off and become successful.

I can wish and want my life to be happy and be to where I can enjoy family time.

But again the timing of all these things is not in my hands. The timing of all of these things

is in Jesus' hands, So until that time comes I am going to do my level best to live my life, have love in my life, laugh daily, and make memories as often as I can. I try and spend time with my daughter and grandchildren. I try and spend time with my sisters. I have come to realize that since our parents passed away that the memories where we are laughing, where you can see the love, those are the ones we are missing out on. We aren't getting together and having those moments.

That is what I miss.

That is why I am passionate about doing Photography. Smiles are contagious so when you are smiling and laughing not only am I making wonderful happy memories for you but I am making happy memories for me. Yesterday I was able to make some memories with one of my big sisters. My prayers are that I will be able to make more happy smiling memories with her and our oldest sister before the end of this year.

This year has been rough, with our oldest sister having to have a double mastectomy for breast cancer, and then with the Covid_19 and being in lockdown to where you couldn't go, or be around family. And with the way things are now. Having photographs and having them to look back on to cherish is important.

So with my personal goals and professional goals I have set for myself for the next year, I am going to add one more step to it, ( goal per se) that goal is to make sure I catch those happy smiling memories of the times I am with my family, My friends', people whom I want to cherish in the years to come.

CapturingMemories2020 Photography would love to help you capture those special moments as well.

Here is 1 photography that I was able to capture yesterday of one of my beautiful sisters.

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