Mother's Day

May 6, 2020

Mothers day is just around the corner, And many of us will be gathering with our loved ones and doing cookouts, bringing presents and so forth. Talking about getting pictures done because they hadn't had a chance to see their mother, daughter, sister in weeks due to the Covid_19 virus that is still causing people to wonder is it safe? My sisters and I lost our mom 6.5 years ago will be 7 years in October. It doesn't really get easier it just becomes the norm when we have get together's to realize she won't be there. For my sisters and I for Mothers Day I am going to be getting them and doing a Sister/Sister photo session with them. So with Mother's Day I hope each and everyone of you have a very blessed day.

I will be running a couple of specials for a Mother / Daughter photo session, Female Generation session and a Sister / Sister Session in the month of May.

I will be posting the Specials on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and writing a blog about them.

For ideas on fashion there are some awesome ideas on Pinterst that I have seen, Also in the issue of Shape Magazine May issue there are some fashion tips, and in Health Magazine May issue there are some nice ideas or colors for make up.

I miss my mom every day and wish that I could of gotten more pictures of her and I, Her and my sisters her and her grandchildren.

I hope every mother , daughter , sister has a very blessed Mothers Day.

Watch for the specials I will be posting soon.


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