My New Start

Today marks the restructure of how I think and deal with things,

Today marks the day I change how I go about making myself better

in every sense possible.

The saying with Christ all things are possible is true. I believe that the good lord above put people and obstacles in my path these last few months to see how I would handle things.

I failed, I won't do that again.

I put everything I wanted to achieve on hold for other peoples wants and needs and

did not concentrate on what I was trying to do.

Which was to be a successful photographer and help others make memories of their special

days, people in their lives. I let others deter me from helping make portraits into memories for people because I was too busy being a taxi, personal cook, and nursemaid for young adults who are more than capable of doing these things for themselves.

As I stated I am human, I make mistakes, I trust easily, I love with my whole heart and by doing that at times I get hurt,

Everyone has a past, Everyone has made mistakes along the way. It's how we deal with and correct those mistakes that make us grow and learn.

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