One of the Strongest women I know

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I know of 3 women who have had

this....and Beat it...

They are all strong and special to me in their own ways. One I went to school with

one I worked with at Lowe's and the other is One of the Strongest Women I know..

My big sister... She went through Chemo and Radiation and Surgery and has to have one more Surgery on our Mother's Birthday. With out her in my life, I am not sure what I would do

she has been my rock and soundboard since our mother passed away in October of 2013.

She has shown me in many ways she believes in me and supports me in any endeavor I embark on.

I have 2 big sisters both are special to me in many different ways.

Both are strong in their own way as well. As my oldest sister has gone through Breast Cancer.

My other sister has gone through life changes of her own with her family.

Which shows me she is as strong as courageous as my oldest sister.

So amazing role models for me.

With October being Awareness month please be aware of your health and have things checked.

Remember to speak to your doctor about concerns and pains you may not think that are important.

It might be nothing but then again it might be better safe than sorry when it comes to your health.

Do self-breast exams, if you don't know how to do them use google, ask your doctor for a pamphlet that shows you how to. Ask your spouse to give you a hand while taking a shower together... your partner might feel something you wouldn't.

As for all these amazing women that I know and Beat Cancers ASS... I love each and every one of you in

different ways.

Honey, you were my friend in school and we reconnected not too long ago... I am happy you beat cancer's ass, love.

Susan, you showed me that you can still be polite with customers even if you have to be a bitch, :) I am happy to have gotten to meet you and work with you so glad you beat cancer's ass as well.

And to my oldest sister

Allene... you are my rock I'm so lucky to have you in my life and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO very Happy that you BEAT CANCER'S ASS.............................

Now unfortunately I don't have any pictures of my 2 friends but I do have the pleasure of having pictures of my beautiful big sister.

ME and My Big sister showing Cancer that IT IS NOT GOING TO WIN....................

ME and Both of My Beautiful Big Sisters 2 years ago.

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