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So most like me when it starting getting cooler start thinking winter time closet clean out.....

I have so many things that I bought throughout the summer that I did not wear.

And know Fall is here and its time to clean out the Fall Closet and get those clothes out.

I don't know about you all, But I do like it when I see a guy in a Flannel Shirt and Tight Jeans and boots getting ready to go on that morning hike at the lake or on a trail.

Personally, I wear lots of hoodies and oversized sweaters in the Fall and winter with my leggings.

I actually can't wait because this Saturday I get to wear one of my oversized Sweaters and my black Leggings and a new pair of boots that I just bought to a gathering that I was invited too. Figured I may even wear one of the hats that I like to wear.

Fall means putting on those hoodies, slipping on those boots and going out and hiking the trails, and looking at those fall colors on the leaves as they change for the next season.

And then as it starts to get dark lighting those bonfires grabbing your blankets and sitting there looking up at the stars and wondering what life is going to through at you next.

And if your one of the lucky ones your love or the one you want to spend the rest of your life with will be sitting right there with you.

Possibly thinking of a way they can propose to you come Thanksgiving or Christmas.

I am one of the lucky ones because I can have a bonfire in my backyard.

And I can sit there, look up and think okay what is my next step going to be?

I hope each and every one of you gets to stargaze, watch a bonfire and reflect on what is happening in your

life and how you want to go from here.

Here are some photos of my last bonfire, and fall colors of leaves that are changing.

With Fall the roots grow, and the leaves change and some die off so that new life can begin in the spring.

Let's enjoy those bonfires, and stars on the cooler nights while wearing hoodies, while our guys are wearing

those flannel shirts that make them look like lumberjacks...

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