Personal and Professional Goals

First off tomorrow is my AMAZING Daughter Amanda's 36 birthday... I love her to the moon and back

more than she will ever realize she has overcome some major struggles and this Momma is so

very proud of her.

That is the first thing I wanted her to read she gets my blogs every time I write one. :)

Now to continue with this blog and the title. My birthday is July 28, I will be 54 Starting tomorrow

I am setting some personal and professional goals for myself.

Personal goal to lose 75 pounds, I want to lose this by my 55 birthday so I will definitely be documenting it that way I stay held accountable for doing it and making sure I stay on track. Along with that goal I have finishing up my Bachelor's degree in Business Management. I should have that one done by the Spring of 2021.

As far as my Professional goals go...... Well, my goal is to do amazing at bringing high-quality portraits to my clients And be booked for engagement and wedding sessions for 2021, and be able to take a vacation to someplace amazing with my husband. To give outstanding customer service.

Starting tomorrow I will keep all of you informed as to how my day went,

I want to stay connected with the clients I do have and show my future clients I am a personable photographer who takes pride in not only herself but in her work.

Below are 2 pictures that were taken of me on Father's Day this year.

I don't usually have much of myself where it can be photographed. As I stated I will document my progress so I am held accountable and stay on track.

Much love to you all


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