Places to find fall actives, pumpkin patches and hayrides.

Keeping with the Fall theme for the blogs this week I decided to check out the following websites.

Rutledge Farm sounds like it would be great and the website says it is free admissions.

Then there is That sounds equally interesting and has a sunflower field that would be

amazing to get some of those spur of the moments candid memory shots.

This would be great for grandparents to take their littles for the afternoon and get some great pictures of them with GIGI or PAPA or Aunts and Uncles with the littles that just grab your heartstrings. Not to say that all of the nieces or nephews don't or grandchildren don't.

But let's be honest here we all have certain things we do with each child. That way they feel that that is their special place with us.

I have 13 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild for now. And each has their own place that I love to take them by themselves.

For instance, I have a grandson who loves Bass Pro, A granddaughter who loves Branson, Another granddaughter who loves Eureka Springs AR. A Grandson who loves going to the park.

I could go on but this blog isn't about my grandchildren. :)

Going to one of these with my daughter, son-in-law, and their 4 children, my oldest granddaughter, and her boyfriend and their baby that sounds like some fun memories for me to make this fall.

Check out the prices for the Exter Corn Maze if you are into the haunted house stuff they have armbands to get into all the activities for the day.

Now if you are interested in Hayrides and Pumpkin Patches this website has information on those.

Below are some pictures I found on google on pumpkin patches, and also some of a few of my grandchildren.

I am thinking maybe I can talk my group into going to one of these soon...

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