Practice Shots, Awesome Pictures, Sweetest Couple

May 30,2020

So today did not go as planned whats new in my life. Yes I am being sarcastic. Any who I went for a drive since my planned outing did not go as planned. ( yes again little sarcasm) So while on the drive, listening to

Chris Stapleton's CD love his voice. I noticed some awesome old farm equipment and as I drove by I thought I wonder if the lady in the drive way would mind if I took practice shots using some new techniques I had learned from " The School of Photography and Marc Newton " by the way he is awesome to learn from. So I turned around and I stopped and asked the lady if she would mind, her response was not at all

go take as many as you like. So I took some shots of the equipment, but before I left I gave her one of my business cards with the website on it and asked if I could post them. Again her response was no that is fine.

I asked this lovely lady what her name was folks if you live in the Monett area this couple lives in the outer parts of Monett . Thank you so much for letting me take pictures of your farm equipment Jerry and Rebecca Thomas. ( I hope I spelled your name correct)

Since my plans that I had to practice with what I had learned fell through I was down until you made my day by letting me practice on your farm equipment.

So this blog is a great big shout out to Jerry and Rebecca Thomas of Monett Mo. you are awesome.

The following 2 pictures are of some of the equipment

that I took today.

Everyone have a safe blessed day.. And if you see these young lady and her hubby tell 'em CapturingMemories2020 LLC Patrica says hi and thank you.

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