Reconnecting with a sister you haven't seen in 1.5

Recently my granddaughters that haven't seen each other in almost 2 years

got to reconnect and are finding out that being apart for so long a lot has changed.

They both went through things that changed how to react to things.

Realizing that they aren't the same people is taking some time to adjust to how they talk to each other and how they act around each other. Even though there are times that they are

close like they once used to be.

One getting out of an abusive relationship has made her more of the " I am away from that person now and I don't care what they do to the next" and the other being "I would prefer not see or hear a certain person name because they did this and didn't take what I said seriously.", it is taking them time to adjust and try to figure out how they talk to people or about people because they want to be close and aren't sure how to go about doing it.

Life its self throws curve balls at everyone, some in their lifetime have been, physically, mentally, sexually emotionally, or verbally abused in some fashion, and if you haven't then hey you are one of the lucky ones...

Personally, I have had to deal with all 5 types of abuse. But I have learned how to cope with things and I talk to different people and try hard not to dwell on my past experiences.

So for the next few days weeks, I am going to do my best to help my beautiful granddaughters learn how to deal with the abuse that they have been through,

Help them with the PTSD, the Bipolar issues that are arising from the abuse, and the attachment, resentment, and anger that they both have.

Below is the first of the pictures that I am going to post on this journey that we are going on and I can tell you that it is going to be a long hard one for all of us, But with some prayers from my friends, prayers from people who read my blog and look at my post I know that the good Lord Jesus will help us through what is going to be thrown at us.

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