Reconnecting with classmates

How exciting yesterday I got to see an old friend from high school that I had not seen since high school. I mean we had spoken on Facebook a few times. but we hadn't gotten to meet up and actually talk. We spent about 30 minutes visiting and I let her know that I would come back and see her again soon and she was more than welcome to come to my house and visit with me, this away she could get her re-group time. I told her that I would love to take pictures of her and her fur baby Bear which is the most adorable dog. It actually makes me want to look up other old classmates and see how they are and reconnect with them.

Reconnecting with people is just like capturing memories that you had forgotten. In high school, I hated having my picture taken,. I was always to busy doing things with my friends now I wish I had been able to have someone take a polaroid of us, that prom picture. There are so many things that have happened to her and to me that if we had known we could have possibly been there to support each other through them, So I want her to know that I am here now and that I will do my level best to stay in contact with her. I want her to know that she is not going to have to deal with things without someone who has been through it and I am here if she wants to call or text me to vent.

Yes, I am that type of person I am that type of photographer I want to connect with my clients and I want them to know I will do my very best to give them the memories that they are wanting to be captured.

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