Replacing Negative for Positive Energy

I was looking through my memories on Facebook and it showed a memory from

4 years ago 10 truths I learned the hard way.

1) Everything happens for a reason its either a blessing or a lesson

2) You don't always get a second chance some times it's now or never

3) Its better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all

4) You lose people in your life, but the right ones will find their way to you and stay.

5)No matter what you have to keep going better things will come.

6) When you clear the wrong things in your life the right things start to happen.

7) You can't change how people feel about you or what they say about you.

8) Never force anything if its meant to be it will be

9) It never hurts to ask

10) Be good to people you never know how much time they have left.

All of these are true, And an amazing website to go to get positive quotes to remind you daily to think positive is

Some of the ways I remove negative energy is to go on walks, listen to music, and think about why I let the negative overtake me. Then I figure out how to change what happened into a positive thought. I also take pictures of where I walked at and that way I have a good memory of when I changed the negative to a positive.

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