Road Trip, fall colors, Good Music Relaxation, Missouri State Parks,

Keeping with the Fall theme this week I thought it would be nice to

write about where to find the best Fall colors, maybe a good place to propose....

Or have a fall wedding at.

Funny though, one of the places that google says is a great place to see beautiful fall colors is at a cemetery. So I am not sure that would be a great place for a wedding.

But here are some of the other places that it suggests.

Now I know that the pathway at Table Rock State Park between the lake and Dewey Short

Visiting Center has some beautiful trees as well.

In fact, I plan on going and getting some pictures later in the fall there. I also know that

Jolly Mills just the other side of Monett Mo. has some beautiful fall colors on the trees.

In fact, I will be at Jolly Mills on Sunday doing a photo shoot. and then Roaring River in Cassville MO has

some beautiful scenery as well. I do believe that the route to Eureka Springs Ar. has some beautiful fall colors. Maybe I could entice my sisters to go on a road trip.

Know just what kind of music do most of you listen to when you want to relax and enjoy beauty?

ME??? Let's see I have anything from Classical Music yes Mozart to Country to Kid Rock to Ozzy in my cd player in my car. I also have pandora that has the same music and some old 1950's songs the oldies but goodies that my parents listened to when they were growing up in Republic and Carthage Missouri.

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