Romancing with self-love And Sunset at Table Rock State Park Branson Mo.

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

I know as women we often wonder when we are in a relationship why our spouses

and /or partners often ended up making us think that we aren't attractive any longer.

Why they romance us when we first get together and then stop after being in the relation

ship for a few years.

I personally have been feeling this way, playing second fiddle to games, jobs, some friends.

So I decided to google Romancing self-love and found some interesting blogs that I thought I would

share with you all just in case you were feeling like you aren't worth their time.

this is an interesting website with a blog for mommies who are expecting or just mommies who feel like they are alone. It has lots of amazing points in it and I would recommend reading it if you are pregnant or just had a baby.

Then I found which is a website that talks to the rest of us,

you know the ones who think that they aren't good enough, or the ones who do everything and then get

nothing in return because their partner or spouse is to busy to notice that things are not as they appear.

It helps you start turning the negative thoughts into positive thoughts to help change your self-doubt into that self-love.

I recently read that if there are common limiting beliefs and thought patterns that hold us back.

I'm not good enough, What if I fail, What will they think of me, What will people think, What if no one will look, What if it doesn't work, I cant and I don't know are just a few of the thought patterns that are self-damaging.

Heather Chesky the one who pointed these out these are some of the ones that I have thought of lately being new in the Photography Business.

Time to turn the negative into the positive, for instance instead of I am not good enough I am going to start telling myself daily that I am good enough to shoot an amazing wedding session, the what if I fail is going to be turned into I will not fail because I am an amazing person with great potential, then what will they think of me will turn into they will tell all of their friends about their amazing experience that they had with me,

I may be new to photography and I may be new to the turning self-doubt into self-love and romancing myself,

But I am here to tell you that it can be done. Anything is possible as long as you believe it and stay positive.

Below are some pictures I took on Sunday at Table Rock State Park in Branson Mo.

I decide Sunday while at Table Rock State Park to take some Sunset Pictures.

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