Self -Doubt, Self Love, Determination

Many of you read these blogs on Facebook but do not comment on them.

Many of you may even think oh my here she goes again with the blogs and just skips over the

post or emails.

I personally am one who reads the post, I have self-doubts, self-love and lots of determination.

I have the will power to keep pushing forward and trying to make a profitable business out of my photography, Avon, Pure Romance.

You see with the Pure Romance business I can help the romance part, there are so many things you can get through them to help with your love life :), and Avon there are so many beautiful pieces of jewelry that you can wear at reasonable prices. For your wedding or just because.

But Photography is where I can help you capture those memories you do not want to forget. That you want to cherish for years.

I can capture that smile even when you didn't think I would.

Given the chance, I can give you the memories you want in the style you want them in.

So please check out'savonpage

and my website

Like follow and ask questions I will be more than willing to answer any questions you have.

Have a blessed day.

Much love Patrica

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