Sharing Memories of My Mom on her Birthday.

Funny how life throws so many curves at you and you sit and think is today the day I am going to

break or is today the day I am going to go nope not today you are not going to win this one anxiety ..

Today is one of those days for me. You see today would have been my mom's 82nd birthday.

She passed away this month in 2013. Which makes this month a hard month. And the beginning of the bad days for the Holiday Season.

But today I decided that I was going to say nope not today you are not going to win and break me.

So I am going to remember things about my mom and share them with you.

My mom was a firecracker, at the most she ever weighed was 115 pounds and that was 55 years ago.

Yes, you guessed right ... when she was pregnant with me. I have 2 beautiful older sisters that didn't even make her gain that much weight. But I guess since I was her last baby she decided to eat what she wanted.

I remember my mom being my girl scout leader with her best friend Sandy Stern which by the way taught me what Stifle means in German. I remember my parents dancing the Texas 2 step, Listening to Patsy Cline, George Strait.

I remember my mom sitting next to my dad when he was in the hospital after having a massive heart attack, being in a semi-trailer truck wreck, I remember my mom being there when my children were born and her rubbing my legs telling me to breathe. She was my Rock.. and I will never forget her.

My mom was the oldest of 9 children she watched 3 sisters,2 brothers, her mother, stepmother, father, and stepfather be buried before her.

She worked cleaning houses and always made sure her children, grandchildren, and her great-grandchildren always had some kind of gift under the Christmas Tree every year. Even if it was a $1 gift, homemade gift, or one she thought they would like from a thrift store.

This amazingly tiny woman who would do anything for anyone not only showed me what it was like to love unconditionally also showed me what it was like to have someone love you unconditionally and what not to take from people who didn't respect you for you.

My beautiful mother was born on October 15, 1938, her name was Rose Emma Hubbard and she met and married the man of her dreams Robert M. Justice on March 17, 1957, they had some amazing years, some hard years and some okay years together before she passed away. They had 3 beautiful daughters together and they raised them together.

You see I have lots of memories of my mom, of my dad who by the way passed away 5 years ago next month. Hence why the holiday season is so hard.

But by sharing some of my memories of her today... I showed her and my anxiety nope you are not going to win today, today I am going to cherish my memories, today I am going to Honor one of the strongest firecrackers I had the privilege to know.

So today for my Beautiful Mothers Birthday I am going to remember all the things she taught me. So I know she is looking down and smiling saying that is my baby.

Happy Birthday, Momma... Always in my heart forever in my dreams Until I see you again. I love you.

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